Union Fenosa Wind Australia announces continuing works at Crookwell 2 wind farm

UNION FENOSA WIND AUSTRALIA (UFWA) is pleased to announce that Crookwell Development Pty Limited, the owner and developer of the Crookwell 2 wind farm, will continue with construction of the works associated with the wind farm from late July.

Local contractor Divall’s Earthmoving and Bulk Haulage won a competitive tender to build roadworks at the eastern and western entrances to the wind farm site, and to upgrade the intersection of the Goulburn-Crookwell Road with Woodhouselee Road.

UFWA Legal Manager Thomas Mitchell said “these works will provide for a safe entrance and egress to the wind farm from public roads, and they will widen the Woodhouselee Road intersection to provide for the turning-circle of over dimensional vehicles. We will build a new school bus parking facility at this intersection, so that the school bus can park off the road safely. There will also be designated parking spaces off the road, for parents to drop-off their children. In 2013 we’ll complete further works on the Woodhouselee Road – an upgrade to a section of the road between Woodhouselee and Roslyn.”

UFWA Managing Director Domingo Asuero said “the Crookwell project started construction in 2009 but it was forced into a delay because of major disruptions to energy policy in Australia. All the contentious issues that we see discussed in the newspapers – the introduction of a price on carbon pollution, the Renewable Energy Target, the review of planning laws for wind farms in NSW, and expensive investments in transmission infrastructure – make it very difficult to determine a fair price for electricity. The long term contracts to sell the electricity generated by wind farms just aren’t being offered because of this uncertainty, and that’s put a brake on all forms of investment in electricity generation in Australia. Regardless of whether you’re building a wind farm or a coal-fired power plant, the last three years have been a difficult time to approve spending on these State-significant projects.”

The company has recently announced the formation of a Community Consultative Committee, and it has advertised the committee for community nominations in the Crookwell Gazette.

The company will also return to its public community engagement process with one-on-one meetings at the Crookwell Hotel/Motel this Friday July 13 between 3pm and 5pm. Community members can have a confidential private discussion with a company representative at this face-to-face meeting.

Please contact Thomas Mitchell on 02 8297 8720 for further information in relation to this Press Release.