What type of tree would suit best?

Japanese Elm
Japanese Elm

A suggestion that Council continues the street tree planting at the bottom end of the main street was made at Council last week by a letter written by Mr Barry Murphy.

But, in the letter he says the Bradford Pears may not be the best tree to plant.

He wrote a letter on behalf of some of the bottom block businesses and said in the letter that the Bradford Pear trees are very fast growing but their limbs break easily and they need continual pruning.

He suggested in his letter that the trees near the Hospital.

Zelkova Serrata [Japanese Elm] would be a much more suited tree for that position.

He said, “any tree is more suitable than no tree.”

Mr Murphy said he had spoken to Jason Della, Andrew Lindner, Bob Campbell and Ross Lyon, who all agree. He is asking for four more trees to be planted either side of the road.

Council will hold this request over for the streetscape consultant.

Mayoral Minute

The Upper Lachlan Mayor attended the following events during February.

  • The General Manager’s performance review committee training in Crookwell.
  • PAC meeting for the Bialla wind farm
  • Crookwell Show
  • Inspections of Shire roads
  • Code of conduct training in Crookwell
  • Council meeting February 16
  • CBRJO board meeting in Bungendore
  • Gunning Show
  • John Clancy memorial seat unveiling in Gunning
  • CENTROC meeting Forbes