Letters to the editor | May 2


Labor calls for Republic vote by the year 2020

Goulburn Labor endorses the Australian Republican Movement’s campaign to calls on our local State and Federal Members of Parliament to take immediate action in support of an Australian republic by committing to a national vote by 2020 to establish such a Republic.

Labor’s longstanding support for an Australian head of state, and the strong correlation between the campaign for an Australian Head of State and Labor values goes hand in hand.

Australia is a strong, independent and multicultural nation that must stand united as one people under an Australian Head of State including the full recognition by treaty with our aboriginal brothers and sisters, as well as the rightful acknowledgement of all migrants from all ethnic backgrounds throughout our nations’ history.

Jason Shepherd, president, Goulburn Labor

Stop any state sell-off of showgrounds

The NSW Liberals and Nationals are transferring as much Crown Land to local councils as fast as they can.

Last year they pushed through new laws so they can transfer showgrounds, community halls, playgrounds and sporting clubs out of government ownership.

But the NSW Liberals and Nationals rejected pleas to require this land to remain as community land.

So now it can be sold off for development, just like the state government is selling off everything else.

The Agricultural Societies Council of NSW for instance has said this will ‘open the doors for showgrounds to be potentially sold off and slated for other development.’

Councils have little say in what land is being transferred to them.

Nor is the Government providing any money to help them pay for maintenance of this transferred land.

It’s just more unfunded cost shifting onto local councils and their ratepayers.

Mick Veitch MLC, Shadow Minister for Primary Industries; and Peter Primrose MLC, Shadow Minister for Local Government

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