Bigga, Binda and Laggan Public schools come together for soccer

Laggan Public school hosted a soccer gala with Bigga and Binda on Tuesday.
Laggan Public school hosted a soccer gala with Bigga and Binda on Tuesday.

On May 16 Bigga, Binda and Laggan Public Schools came together at Laggan Public for a fun filled soccer gala day.

All students from Kindergarten to Year 6 were involved in a series of round robin games and everyone had a fantastic time.

The day was part of the Sporting Schools program, which allows for schools to run professionally delivered sporing workshops and programs.

The day was a culmination of five weeks of intensive soccer workshops with Angelo Maralit, chief operations manager from the Monaro Panthers Football Club.

Maralit has used his extensive soccer skills to teach the students the art of offence and defence in soccer as well as how to play well as a team.

Each week the students have honed their skills ready for the gala day.

Students and staff got a chance to network and build relationships with their peers as well as develop their sporting skills Laggan Public, principal Laura Holt said.

“The day went really well. For our small schools to come together is very important as they do not always get this opportunity, This will also build social relationships going into high school,” she said.

“The students absolutely loved to have a professional coach like Angelo train them every week. 

“A lot of our kids play soccer in local competitions so they were very excited to get together and use those skills, even though it wasn’t competitive.” 

A total of 39 students participated in the gala.