Glass doors can knock out flying birds

The Sacred Kingfisher.
The Sacred Kingfisher.

A male Sacred Kingfisher flew into our glass sliding doors just as it was getting light recently one morning.

It knocked itself out for a couple of minutes, but then to our relief revived a bit, but was obviously groggy. Nothing appeared broken so we put it in a covered carry cage in a quiet spot with fingers crossed it would recover OK.

Thankfully it did, and an hour later we were able to release it. Once the lid was opened it flew out far too quickly for me to get a pic, but fortunately landed on our TV antenna for a couple of minutes, so I was able to get a couple of quick shots.

He shook himself a couple of times, no doubt to settle himself down, then flew away strongly into the trees in our front garden. Such beautiful birds; so glad it survived.

Since then we have had a pair of Sacred Kingfishers around. One day, they were diving in our dam for yabbies. What a wonderful sight, not often seen! We like to think that 'our’ bird was one of them.

Birds flying into windows is unfortunately quite a common occurrence, and sadly this can result in instant death.  

However, often they are just stunned and may recover in a short time and be able to fly away.

If you get a 'bird strike' that results in a stunned or semi-conscious bird, pick the bird up and place it in a covered box (preferably not too much larger than the bird) and put the box in a quiet room away from any other animals, children and noise.  

If after two or three hours there is no change in the bird's condition, then it's likely it has concussion and/or internal injuries and will need to be vet checked and brought into care.

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