Letter: sight has gradually returned

Vitreoretinal Surgery can be required for many different eye problems, including retinal detachment, vitreous bleeding, diabetic eye and macular disease. The retina and vitreous are part of the back of the eye. Surgery on these parts are referred to as Vitreoretinal Surgery. Vitreous jelly is attached to the retina, but as we age it shrinks and can peel away from the retina.

During the operation the vitreous jelly is removed through tiny incisions in the white of the eye. Delicately the cavity is then filled with gas which is to replace the fluid. Over time the gas is slowly absorbed by the eye and replaced with natural body fluid. This enables sight to return to the patient.

Over the past few months my husband has been in care of two brilliant surgeons, his sight has gradually returned, allowing him to get back to normal functioning. His right eye is in the same predicament and does require Surgery also. (disease: macular degeneration).

Our acknowledgement goes to DR MARK GORBATOV and DR CONPESTAGLOU. Both these brilliant Surgeon operate at the SYDNEY EYE HOSPITAL.

We would like to thank Crookwell Community Trust for their assistance with our first Sydney visit to the specialist, and to friends and relies for their emotional support.

  • Carolyn Mcintosh