Bannister Hall celebrates its history

Bannister Hall

The Bannister district is delighted that it has a hall in which the community can gather. Renovation work has begun to bring it to a standard so that it will be functional and pleasant.

It is planned to install a kitchen and toilets suitable for all so that the hall’s usefulness is increased for both locals and groups outside the district wishing to hire the facilities.

To help make the hall the centre of the district’s life, we are making a permanent exhibition of life lived here, in the form of photographs of past residents and families, whether out in the paddock or on the sporting field, at a picnic or a church service; anything that gives a glimpse of days in Bannister.  

Anyone who has had an association with the Bannister, Kialla, Pomeroy or Gurrundah localities can contribute photos, documents, artefacts or memorabilia, which we shall have reproduced and the originals returned to the contributor with acknowledgement. The reproductions will be displayed permanently on the walls of the hall.

It is hoped a launch of the exhibition will be held with a lunchtime barbecue featuring as much old-style cookery as we can muster. A dance in the evening has been mooted, too, to bring back the glory days when dances were held regularly at little halls like ours.

Further to this we are also wanting the name of anyone from the district who has served in any conflict, from the Boer War to the present, as an Honour Roll is being compiled for a hall display.

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