Letter: Crookwell Progress Association is encouraging action of the council

The Crookwell Progress Association is concerned the Upper Lachlan Shire Council has engaged a consultant firm to carry out streetscape surveys.

The CPA has written to and had meetings with council staff on numerous occasions regarding Crookwell’s main and other streets, (such as the Colyer Street footpaths, kerbing and gutter problems), street signage including outdated signs, unreadable signs and lack of directional signage. Council employees have been very happy to listen, but the reply is always “not until next year’s budget”.

We have tried to persuade the council to straighten tree guards or remove damaged guards; update rubbish bins or at least give them a regular clean and attach them to the retaining posts to prevent vandalism; install smokers’ bins; uniform seating; and disabled access, including the post office.

Regular cleaning of Goulburn Street has been raised with the council. Between four and six employees sweep the roadway once or twice a week; this could be improved by using a small sweeper on a trailer. The sweeper could also be utilised in other villages when required. The main street footpaths could also be cleaned, instead of leaving it up to individual shop owners.

There is enough knowledge and experience in each community to get a good idea of what each village wants and needs. Then perhaps a consultant could put these ideas together along with a time frame for the plan to be completed.

The CPA hasn’t asked the council to spend a lot of money and of the items we have previously discussed, maintaining existing assets such as tree guards, painting, bins and showing pride in the largest town in the Shire would not break the budget.

The CPA hopes that employment of a streetscape planner is not just a box-ticking exercise. We take suggestions to relevant bodies, such as the council, and it is disappointing when few of these suggestions are acted upon.

An individual cannot advise the council what “two things” the community would see as the highest priorities in the survey, but a community association certainly can. The CPA believes in the town and all we ask is for the council to act.

Crookwell Progress Association


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