Commander's Desk with Andrew Koutsoufis

Firstly I would like to remind everyone that NSW together with all other States and Territories last month commenced a three-month firearm amnesty, ending at midnight on September 30.

The aim of the amnesty is to either register firearms or remove them from the community.

Being a rural community I am sure there are many out there with firearms they no longer use or need in any reasonable capacity, so I encourage those to take advantage of the amnesty and hand in their guns.

Under the amnesty a person will be able to surrender a firearm, firearm related article or prohibited weapon to a dealer or to a police station. A person who holds a firearms licence or permit will be able to apply to have the firearm registered. Similarly, a person who does not hold a firearms licence/permit may apply for a firearms licence/permit which would allow them to register the firearm. A person will be permitted to supply a firearm or firearm related article to a participating dealer. 

If you have no use for them hand them in! 

Some great police work yesterday saw the quick arrest of two teenagers involved in a nasty robbery of an 88 year-old on Cowper Street, Goulburn. The poor, old lady suffered a broken nose and black eyes as a result of this cowardly attack on her by these grubs. 

If I can offer any possible comfort, the two were arrested quickly and are now off our streets. Further to this incident we identified the two were involved in the stealing of a handbag at the Goulburn Plaza shopping centre carpark an hour earlier of the robbery on the elderly lady. The owner of the handbag left her bag unattended for a short while to put her baby in the car, leaving enough time for the two grubs to take the bag. Big problems for both these teenagers now who are before our Courts.   

There was also a great example of the way we look after each other here. Three local council members witnessed the incident involving the elderly lady, providing initial first aid to the victim, while also giving chase to the offenders! Further, the local plumber from Goulburn Plumbing was made aware the victim was 'fleeced' of her payment for his services - so ensured they were provided free of charge. What great community spirit!!

Andrew Koutsoufis



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