Breadalbane school is a 'happening' school

The students at Breadalbane Public School wish to share their first few terms of school with the community.  You can see the students at play and read more about the school on

Breadalbane Public School (BPS) is a small, rural school. Students, staff and parents collaborate to achieve quality education outcomes for all.

Students learn to work and play together in a supportive environment.

NSW schools will participate in the NAPLAN Online School Readiness Test from August 14 to September 22.

The school readiness test is a ‘practice run' for schools to assess their technology as we prepare to transition to NAPLAN Online. It provides an opportunity for schools to become familiar with the NAPLAN Online assessment platform but is not an assessment of student ability.


The school thanks all the students and parents for continuing their commitment to reading to your child. The principal has been allocating dojo points for home reading. Remember, home reading is an important part of your child’s literacy development. Encourage your child to read each night and listen to them read aloud to help with fluency and comprehension.


Recently it has been a bit wet outside but with a bit of music inside, the students are finding activities are always fun.


The TREC writing day at Collector was fantastic and the students learnt a lot from Jane Carroll. She provided simple advice and guidance on how to write stories people want to read. She asked the students not to use words like “I saw” and “then” and “because”. Some samples of our great work are:

The Kangaroos

I looked through the window. On the other side of the road, kangaroos are hopping along the fence line. The dam was full of muddy water. By Charlie 


I looked through the window. A little baby duck was waddling behind his mother. A large blue pond rippled in the wind. A storm came up and the ducks moved into the reeds for safety. By Evalyn 


I looked through my window. The ice covered the ground. The creek was frozen. The horses came galloping. They jumped the creek but one single hoof missed. The ice shattered. The horses trotted underneath the dripping gum leaves. The sun shone just over the peak of the old red barn. By Hayley 


I was in my bedroom and I looked through the window. There laid the lake. It was as still as frozen ice. The moon light reflected off the lake and it sparkled. Across on the fence there was a spider web with water dripping down it like a person crying. I looked next to it there was a mother bird with her baby they creped as the sunlight appeared and the moon faded into the sky. By Ava 

My Window

I looked through the window. Fog covered the paddock with the slightest silhouette of cows with their calves following behind. A tractor caught the attention of the cows as they bolted over towards the freshly baled hay. Hay was flying everywhere, some hay was getting caught on the fence in small glimmering spider webs. A small mob of kangaroos, five or ten, were swerving in and out of the tree lanes like they were playing hide and seek. The shining sun peered its shimmering top over the mountain tips with sight of the sunrise up ahead. By Sara


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