Letter to the editor | August 15

​LETTER: Pray for our windows

On Wednesday August 9, 2017 I went to see Father McDermott to discuss the stained glass windows at Saint Mary’s church and other matters regarding the Crookwell Parish. Father McDermott informed me that the Finance Committee and the Parish Council voted to sell the classical windows displaying the Architectural style popular from 1770 to 1840 especially in Europe, which sought to revive Greek and Roman Architecture.

I have found it difficult to understand how anyone could decide, sight unseen, to sell such a beautiful example of the Good Shepherd, styled by German artistic workmanship. The next stage is for the committee’s decision to be sent to the Trustees who are senior priests in the Archdiocese. They will determine if the procedures follow Canon Law provisions, a time honoured tradition in the Catholic Church.

If the Trustees are satisfied that the windows’ sale will not contravene Canon Law and other issues, then they will submit a report to the Archbishop who has the final decision.

Father McDermott stated months ago that he had a non-binding deposit from an interested buyer. That person was Doctor Paul Mara of Gundagai. The sale price is $150,000.

Dr Mara vehemently opposed the initial sale and stated at the time: “My belief is we should be preserving our local history and heritage, be it spiritual or cultural.”

So dear friends and supporters, it appears to be an uphill battle now to retain the windows as the final decision rests on the Archbishop to deliver. At this point I would like to thank all the wonderful parishioners who supported the cause to install the windows and also all the members of the community and other denominations for their kind words of encouragement.

Keep praying and maybe we will be pleasantly surprised. As it was once said: “The impossible we can do immediately but miracles take slightly longer.”

Richard Cromack, Crookwell

Footnote: The weekly Saturday evening services at the Saint Marys church in Crookwell are no longer being held.  The services in Crookwell are Sunday 9am, Community service Tuesday 9.30am, weekday mass Friday 9.30am, confessions Saturday 4.30 - 4.45pm.


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