Letter: Yours in fitness

Fun after a work-out: Mireille Turner, Gill Gilbert and Lana's son Sidney Bush.

Fun after a work-out: Mireille Turner, Gill Gilbert and Lana's son Sidney Bush.

On Tuesday 8th August The Crookwell Gazette published a short article about our loveable Gill Gilbert and her decision to retire from her personal training, pilates and yoga classes.

I'm writing to further exemplify, and to show our appreciation of, the service that Gill has provided to our community over the past 15-years.

To say her role has been effortless would be inaccurate.

Gill went over and above to ensure that each one of her clientele were comfortable in her classes, to address individual ailments and to educate us about our bodies, what to expect of it and how to strengthen and support it.

Gill constantly researched health and fitness, expanding her already vast knowledge of the industry to better suit the wellness of our community.

The walls of the Memorial Oval Gym are adorned with her handwriting, inspirational quotes, bodily facts and work-out ideas.

On the days that Gill ran her gym and pilates classes, she was up early to travel to town, tidy up the (often freezing!) gym and prepare the equipment for her clients whose age group ranged from 20 to 90 years old.

You would be greeted with a bright smile and an energetic "Morning!" followed by a chatty warm-up on the treadmill.

Then it was down to business and it was no walk in the park (pun intended), Gill would work us hard and we all felt better for it.

The people who entrusted Gill with their fitness were mainly women, and I was constantly impressed with the ambition Gill harnessed in these ladies of all ages.

These women would push themselves beyond their expectations, often to the tunes of Shania Twain, and were given the opportunity to use gym equipment they would otherwise avoid.

Gill gave each of us confidence and drive, and created an accessible, safe place in what is a very new environment to some.

Gill, over the last 15 years you have trained and educated so many people in this community, and you have always been both friendly and professional in your role.

You made it your personal aspiration to give each of us the tools we need to look after our individual health and fitness, and we are grateful.

On behalf of all the ladies (and some gents) at gym and pilates, we thank you for your undeniable dedication to our health and for your sincere commitment to your profession. Best wishes to you always.

As you would usually sign off, 'yours in fitness'

Lana Bush


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