Apex gather for reunion in Crookwell

A reunion was held recently to mark the 20th anniversary of Crookwell Apex Club’s final meeting in October 1997.

Ninety former Crookwell Apexians and family members attended the gathering which celebrated more than 40,000 service hours spent in the local community over the club’s 42-year history.

Many friendships were renewed with some Apexians travelling back to Crookwell for the first time since their Apex membership days.

Family of two charter members, John Norman and Dudley West, joined those present to reminisce about the early days of Crookwell Apex and were happy to hear stories about their fathers’ involvement in the founding of the club.

Founding members Syd Davies and Reg Whittaker were represented by their wives and families.

Two charter members were present on the night, Bill Martin and Leon Willis.  Apologies were received from Ron Burrows, Eric Parker and Richard Steel (all charter members) who could not attend due to ill health.

The evening was run along traditional Apex meeting lines with the Apex Ideals and Invocation read by past president Tom Horton, and all Apexians gave a rousing rendition of the Apex Song.

Chairman for the evening was Greg Seaman, former Apexian, District Governor and Life Member of the Crookwell Apex Club.  Tim McCarthy, past president, officially welcomed all present.

The History of Crookwell Apex Club, written by Dianne Layden, was launched on the night; extra copies have been ordered and should be available next week from Davies’ Newsagency.

Neal Molineaux, Apex Australia’s national secretary, who was unable to attend the reunion, said, “We hope this reunion sparks interest in Apex again in the community.” 

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