Our Club | Crookwell Evening VIEW Club: Keep the wheels turning in rural communities

“It’s okay to not be okay – but it’s not okay to do nothing about it!”

This was the theme of Pam Kensit’s recent presentation to Crookwell Evening VIEW club.

Pam spoke passionately about the role of women as the “hub of the wheel” in rural communities, and the importance of making sure that women look after themselves.

SPEAKER: Pam Kensit at Crookwell Evening VIEW Club.

SPEAKER: Pam Kensit at Crookwell Evening VIEW Club.

Both physical and mental health have to be taken care of if women are to ensure they are able to preserve the wheel of which they are the centre.

With qualifications and experience in psychology, Pam spoke knowledgeably about the importance of being physically active, and of talking to someone when feeling down.

Taking anti-depressants Pam likened to using crutches for a broken leg – a support while the healing happens.

Also a councillor with Upper Lachlan shire, Pam sees her role on council is to be a voice for those people who feel they cannot speak up to challenge decisions that affect them.

Her upbringing in sectarian Southern Ireland has clearly given her a passion for ensuring fairness in her community.

Pam’s talk was vibrant, honest and encouraging and the ladies found her energy and willingness to talk openly about some difficult issues very refreshing.

  • Pam is on the Upper Lachlan Shire Council, and works with Youth Off the Streets on community projects involving disengaged youth.


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