Healthy dams need the help of healthy plants

The water planting workshop held last week.
The water planting workshop held last week.

The Gunning District Landcare hosted a workshop last week and are running a second workshop this coming Saturday 9 December starting 9am.

Justin Hurley Ley has extensive knowledge and experience successfully establishing Aquatic Plants.

Justin clearly explains the principles of a healthy dam, details common aquatic plant species, weeds to watch out for and gives plenty of tips and tricks for successful establishment and on going dam health.

Melissa Henry and Kate Moseby from Local Land Services included an excellent session on fencing options which has some innovative and simple suggestions on maintaining stock access while still largely protecting the dam, or waterway.

This comprehensive morning will also include a session at the dam actually planting up.

They use a variety of planting techniques, and plant material around the dam edge as well as actually underwater.

They also discuss and demonstrate netting options.

This an excellent morning and they received extremely positive feedback from all participants last week.

So the place to be this Saturday is Gunning Golf Course 9am!

Morning tea and light lunch included.

Please call or email Ruth Aveyard to RSVP for this free and very worthwhile workshop; PH: 0488 027 653 or 0447 242 474 E: