Workshops on gardening for wicking bed and planter boxes

Daniel Hartwell leads the Wicking Bed and Planter Box workshop.

Daniel Hartwell leads the Wicking Bed and Planter Box workshop.

The Crookwell Community Garden members are inviting interested gardeners to a Wicking Bed and Planter Box workshop on Sunday April 15.

Daniel Hartwell operates a local Crookwell business "Groweasy", designing and installing edible gardens and specialising in building raised wicking beds. 

Mr Hartwell has a degree in soils and natural resource management, with experience managing environmental projects and as an agronomist and agricultural advisor. 

Mr Hartwell said, "wicking beds look much the same as any other raised garden bed and can be built from new or recycled materials. 

“The essential difference is they include an inlet and outer pipe connected to a large water reservoir contained within the bed.  

“The community gardens will be putting an emphasis on recycled and upcycled beds to be used into the future.

“Wicking beds require little maintenance and are perfect for vegetable and herb beds as they very productive.” Mr Harwell said.

“There is no water loss to drainage, runoff or evaporation, but vigorously growing plants will use water, so it is necessary to keep the reservoir topped up at these times.

“Wicking beds use the natural capillary action present in soil, to draw water up from beneath as plants need it. 

“This minimises water use and maintains an ideal soil moisture content for plants at all times. 

“The process works much like a wick in a kerosene lantern or moisture being drawn up into paper towel.

“Capillary action only works up to around 30cm, so both soil and water depth are maintained around this height in wicking bed containers.” 

If you would like to know more information and watch a couple of beds being made then pop along to the gardens on Sunday April 15 from 10am.

Keep an eye out for the next workshop on ‘solar pumps’ for your gardens, coming up soon.