“It’s about promoting the workshop and togetherness"

The opening of the first Community Garden in Crookwell on Saturday morning was more than just a day about gardening.

As special guest Costa Georgiadis described it, after he had planted a plum tree for the opening ceremony, the community garden was a “buddy bench” for the town; a place where people could bring a cup of tea and meet someone new. 

From travelling across Australia, he said he had made many friends this way, and was sure the people of the Upper Lachlan would continue in this tradition.

The Crookwell Community Garden has been a labour of love, according to chairperson Bronwyn Haynes, from the first markings on the ground to the opening.

“We’re ecstatic, the whole group has worked really hard these last three months, people are really keen to see it progress and grow. Costa was a great asset and put Crookwell on the map,” she said.

“I want to thank all the hardworking committee members, who turn up all the time.” 

Currently, the garden has winter vegetables such as carrots, peas and bok choy.

Another aspect that Mrs Haynes is excited about is the educational opportunity.

“We want to get as many people doing as many workshops in the future,” she said.

“It’s about promoting the workshop and togetherness. We’re giving people the chance to learn how to grow vegetables and plants all through the year.” 

The are presently seven committee members and numerous volunteers.

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