Letter to the editor: Cruising to a fantastic fun night

I would like to thank, firstly, Crookwell Financial Services for organising the recent trivia night at the Services Club to raise funds for the Hospital.

It was a fantastic fun night and very well organised. A lot of work and thought went into hosting a very enjoyable night. I would also like to thank everyone who attended. What a great crowd.

The Crookwell District Hospital, including every staff member, is a credit to our town. We are very lucky to have such a grand facility that without we would be sorely lacking.

The trivia night proved that this community is very much behind ensuring that the Hospital has the equipment it needs to continue providing a caring and up-to-date service. If at any time we are threatened with losing the Hospital, I am sure that the whole community would rise up and save it.

Well done, Crookwell, and very well done, Crookwell Financial Services.

Sam Stephenson, Crookwell

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