Commander's Desk | Could a Drug Summit grant help your community group?

The Hume Police District is keen to hear from local community groups who may be able to take advantage of the Drug Summit Grants Program.

The program develops...local projects aimed at reducing the harmful impact of substance misuse.

The program provides local police with the opportunity to develop and implement local projects aimed at reducing the harmful impact of substance misuse on local communities.

The Hume District

The Hume District

Examples of initiatives that may be eligible for grants are:

  • programs/activities aimed at preventing substance misuse, for example, community education campaigns
  • programs/activities supporting those affected, including children and families
  • resource development and awareness raising activities
  • staff training
  • research and evaluation, including collaborations with universities. 

This initiative is specifically geared to police districts, as they are best placed to identify and address local issues.

Applications for funding can only be made by members of the police force, but projects may involve other agencies or community groups.

Interested parties are encouraged to contact the officer in charge of their local police station for assistance.