2018 Dogs Fundraiser goes down in rugby history

UNFORGETTABLE: Andrew “Duckie” Shepherd secured a try with  Bruce “The Rock” Reynolds for the Golden Oldies game. Photo: supplied.
UNFORGETTABLE: Andrew “Duckie” Shepherd secured a try with Bruce “The Rock” Reynolds for the Golden Oldies game. Photo: supplied.

Crookwell Rugby’s Reunion and Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Fundraiser weekend will go down in the annals of the club’s history as one of the most successful weekends ever.

Not even a cold, damp, early Winter’s Crookwell day could stop this amazing club realizing some fantastic achievements.

While the full list of positives from the weekend will be benefited by both the club and the wider community for years to come, here is a brief list of highlights from the weekend.

Reunion weekend Top 10

10. St Mary’s BBQ 

They ensured the six hundred strong crowd didn’t go hungry and made a tidy four figure profit. Congratulations and well-done St Mary’s.

9. The magnificent crowd

Taralga, Jindabyne and Crookwell are separated only by home ground advantage this year.

Thank you Crookwell Rugby community for braving bitterly cold conditions and getting the Dogs home.

8. There are no losers with Golden Oldies

 An enthralling game between Crookwell and Broulee in the Over 35’s resulted in a predictable 1-try all score line and enough stories to last until it’s played again next year.

7. HPS back on the mike 

Thank you Paul for commentating all three games, it was great to have you back and your dulcet tones are welcome any time.

6. Pete Foley leads Classic Golden Oldies to Boat Race Victory

It was one for the ages. No less than seven teams participated and no less than twenty-eight schooners were consumed by these individuals in no more than a total of fifteen seconds.

Foley showed that some things improve with age. Second place went to……. Wait there…. no-one cares.

5. Invincibles remain invincible

Together for a season and undefeated. Apart for twenty-five years and, reunited, and still undefeated. Had it not been for the top four, these guys would have been number one, (said captain obvious with his tongue in his cheek).

Congratulations to Dal Hayes for pulling off the hit of the day. Mark Watson may never walk without a limp again.

4. Donation to Crookwell Community Trust

 Combining gold coin entry, donations, BBQ, jumper auctions and membership sales the weekend contributed almost thirty thousand dollars which will be spread between various community projects and organisations.

The Crookwell Community Trust is to receive an amount of ten thousand dollars. Thank you, Crookwell Rugby Community.

3. Crookwell retains Upper Lachlan Cup

After a torrid eighty minutes, the mighty Crookwell dogs secured a 17-10 victory over Taralga thanks largely to a second-half Aaron Leighton try. See you in Taralga in a few months boys, gutsy effort to everyone involved.

2. Motor Neurone Disease

The goal of the weekend was to raise both awareness and funds. Successful on both counts. Thank you to everyone who contributed and donated either directly or in-directly.

An amount of ten thousand dollars will be both donated to MND and matched by the federal government. That’s a contribution of $20,000. Congratulations Crookwell Rugby.

1. Duckie and Bruce combine to score try

Anyone with any sort of tenure in or around the Crookwell Rugby Club would have been incredibly proud to see Andrew “Duckie” Shepherd tucking the ball safely undercover in his electric scooter and charging through the defence, only to hand off to Bruce “The Rock” Reynolds to score a magnificent Golden Oldies try.

Two legends securing a Crookwell Rugby moment in time.