Master sculptor shapes garden

Willowtree Sculpture Garden has welcomed internationally acclaimed sculptor Jeffrey Frith for their opening this Saturday.

Frith will bring "Lady of the Lake" and "Sky Boat", which join his other works on display at the garden, including "Mindstream" and "Vortex".

Drawing influences from both eastern and western philosophies, he works with a range of media, including stone, metals and glass.

Whether working with marble or steel, he takes great care to research and explore each material’s potential and what he describes as its “inherent sculptural possibilities”.

He has trained in Japanese martial arts and practices yoga and meditation.

In 2011 he worked and exhibited in both China and South Korea, with subsequent periods working as a sculptor in South Korea in 2013 and 2014. 

A master of painstakingly shaping stone to showcase each type’s inner qualities, Frith also strives to express pure beauty and create abstract objects that guide the mind to a focussed state of meditation. 

He describes himself as a “visual artist and writer” and his skills cover a huge repertoire of techniques beyond the discipline of sculpture: he is also acclaimed for his mastery with inks, charcoals and lithographic prints.

Frith is booked as an artist in residence at Willowtree later this year as part of the Willowtree Sculpture Garden Exhibition, Festival of Art, Music and Entertainment.

Attendees will be able to meet him and the master sculptor at work.

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