Local Leaders | Nutrition: Why not give your meal a plant slant?

It’s the one nutrition hack I recommend to everyone! 

Whether you’re a meat-lover or are firmly placed in camp vego, give your meals a plant slant to fast track your way to great health, energy and a lean physique.

While human beings can thrive on a wide variety of diets, we all can boost our health in choosing to eat more plants. For me, this message was perfectly expressed when Michael Pollen famously said, “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.” While this has always been true, I believe it is now more than ever that we should adopt an eating style that makes colourful plant food the hero of each meal.

Jenelle Croatto

Jenelle Croatto

Not sure where to get started?  Here are three of my favourite tips.


  • Adorn muesli, oats and cereal with colourful berries or chopped fruit. 
  • Pair eggs on toast with sautéed mushrooms, tomato and baby spinach


  • Make that sandwich or wrap really ‘crunch’ with colourful salad vegetables.  
  • Okay, so in the midst of winter a salad sandwich may not be your first choice, so either pair lunch with a piece of fruit or get into hearty veggie based soup.
  • Leftovers! Think delicious roast vegetables or steamed vegetables like broccollini and asparagus. Failing that, go for a simple microwave frozen veggie pouch.


  • No matter the meal or cuisine, bulk out dinner with half a plate of vegetables. Fresh, frozen or salad – just go for it!