Mayoral Minute | Asbestos dumping is a killer problem

Despite the well-known dangers, illegal dumping of asbestos occurs in the Upper Lachlan Shire.

Recently asbestos materials were found dumped at the Bigga, Taralga and Gunning Waste Transfer Stations and at the Crookwell Landfill.

Frankly, those responsible should hang their heads in shame. By attempting to cut corners and save a buck, they have placed the lives of their fellow community members in danger.

Such acts are highly irresponsible and put the lives of council staff and anyone who comes into contact with the materials at risk.

Breathing in asbestos fibres can cause lung cancer, asbestosis and mesothelioma. That’s why proper handling and disposal of asbestos is essential to avoid possible contamination.

The financial impact on the council is also substantial. The clean-up of illegally dumped asbestos places significant strain on council’s resources – ratepayers’ money that could be used for other community projects and services.

I strongly encourage anyone with information about the illegal dumping of asbestos to contact the EPA on 131 555.

Remember, anyone handling 10sqm or more of asbestos must hold a licence and any demolition work involving asbestos removal requires a DA to be approved by council before work can begin.

Asbestos material is only accepted at the Crookwell Landfill and an appointment must be made to arrange disposal. All asbestos material must also be properly wrapped.

For more information about asbestos disposal, including fees, contact council’s operations division on 4830 1000.

Information about asbestos handling and removal can be found at:

Brian McCormack, mayor

Brian McCormack, mayor