Local Leaders | Nutrition: Sleep and your wakeful appetite

If you truly wish to find great health, it’s essential that you not only give attention to what you eat and how you move, but also to restorative sleep. I’m talking about sleep that sees you waking refreshed, instead of desperately reaching for the snooze button!

Beauty sleep aside, quality sleep is essential for proper rest of our body, mind and even in regulating the hormones that control our appetite. The body always has your survival at heart, so don’t be surprised if you notice an increase in your appetite the following day after a lousy nights sleep.

Jenelle Croatto APD.

Jenelle Croatto APD.

More often than not, cravings for sugar, caffeine and anything that may help pick-you-up is what you may find yourself seeking to get through the day. Not to mention, in being awake for a greater part of the day, we actually have more time to eat. Combine that with a serious drop in motivation to be active, and it’s easy to see how lack of sleep can really make an impact on our weight, nutrition and daily mojo. My advice is to cultivate and practice good ‘sleep hygiene’. By this this I mean doing what you need to do to wind down at the day’s end.

  • To help get you off to the Land of Nod, try out the following:
  • Avoid caffeine in the late afternoon
  • Put away the screens (mobile, television, computer) in the hour before sleep
  • Relax by doing some light stretching or reading  
  • Aim to go to sleep and wake at the same time each day
  • Keep your bedroom a dark and cool place

Happy sleeping!