Crookwell Dogs 2018 presentation night

All smiles: After a long season, the Crookwell Dogs held their annual presentation night on Saturday night and congratulated all involved for another great year. Photo: Crookwell Dogs Rugby Club.
All smiles: After a long season, the Crookwell Dogs held their annual presentation night on Saturday night and congratulated all involved for another great year. Photo: Crookwell Dogs Rugby Club.

For the Crookwell Rugby Club the 2018 season on the paddock will go down as a year of what could have, should have and would have been. Instead of asking these questions again and getting pineapples however, the players, management, families and fans of the club got together at the clubhouse on Saturday night to celebrate some amazing personal performances and to officially kick off preparation for season 2019.

The Crookwell Rugby Club firstly congratulate the Taralga Tigers on their victory over the Bungendore Mudchooks in the South Coast Monaro 2nd Division Grand Final this year. All games between all three of these sides have been decided by less than a try for the best part of three seasons. We look forward to this rivalry continuing. Congratulations Tigers.

Secondly, thank you Ian McIntosh. Ian (Smirky) McIntosh graduated from Junior coach to top grade mentor this year. Smirk, however reluctant he was at first, seized the opportunity and can hold his head high.

Crookwell rugby has been strengthened by his input and bolstered by his enthusiasm. Smirk, the team looks forward to any continuing part you wish to play in the character moulding and prowess perfecting of these young Crookwell athletes. Thanks Ian and thanks Karen.

Thirdly and maybe most importantly, thank you Ally Jaffrey. President Ally Jaffrey. Without any direct family association with the club, Ally put her hand up to lead the Dogs. Over two years Ally has maintained an incredibly time-consuming full-time role managing the wool job for Landmark in Crookwell, as well as getting married, and as well as assisting her now husband, Cody, in the management of their own business, as well as running the Dogs. All of this however, is insignificant, because it has been accomplished at a time when your own health should have been, and WOULD have been most people’s, primary concern.

The Crookwell Rugby Club cannot ever thank you enough Ally. Your time, effort and incredible self-sacrifice will long be remembered and will always be appreciated. Your part in the tremendous success the club achieved throughout your presidency will always be appreciated and never be forgotten. Thank you Ally and Cody.

Congratulations to award winners this year.

Best and Fairest: Patrick Carlon

Players Player: Gearin Price

Best Forward: Edward Price

Best Back: Mitchel Horton

Coaches Award: Ken McCallum and Will Hall

Presidents Cup: Edward Price

Clubman OTY: Katie Brennan

Animal OTY: Will Zouch (Congratulations Zouchy!)

Special thanks to; Phil Price, Mick Seaman, Damien Croker, Glen ‘Possum’ Laverty

Special thanks also to John McGeechan and the Crookwell Green Devils for your generous support.

Players, administration, committee, spectators, sponsors…… Thank you. The Dogs will be back in 2019 and they will be back bigger and better and ready to accept any challenges that the Taralga Tigers and the Bungendore Mudchooks will undoubtedly throw out.

Lastly, to the players, to the Dogs, thank you. In a season where you were always up against it. In a season where there were usually as many players unavailable as were available, in a season where the frosts were earlier and more savage, where the expectations were higher, but the personnel numbers were lower. In a year where the name of the side was the same as years previous, but little else was, you never folded. You never made excuses. You never gave up. You never even gave an inch.

Less successful years make more successful years better. The Dogs will be back. There will be different people, there will be different direction, there will probably be different opposition and all things going to plan a new Memorial Oval. But the Doggy spirit will be the same.

Thank you again all associated with Crookwell Rugby 2018.

Forty plus years of pride in the Crookwell Rugby club jumper will be back in 2019.

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