There's a change a'coming! The body knows

It is a common enough phrase 'there's a change coming' - they are words we speak to both strangers and loved ones. 

Someone recently said this to me and I gazed out into the green fields, squinting my eyes against the harsh sunlight, and looked up to the sky with nor a cloud in sight. I didn't believe it. 

There's a change a’coming: How bodies feel the changes to weather before it happens.

There's a change a’coming: How bodies feel the changes to weather before it happens.

Although, after the past week of almost daily rainfall - the change certainly was coming.

Maybe it's in the aches of bones and joints, perhaps the atmosphere becomes sticky, it could be a smell or a taste.

There are a thousand ways people admit to knowing the weather is about to change, and most do not have any scientific grounding. 

It is an instinct we trust, and then tell everyone about until the event actually occurs. And if it doesn't we remark on how strange it is that our instincts weren't on point, this time.

I smell the rain a'coming, and on this occasion I didn't pick up on the change a'coming. 

It is not a smell the way that chocolate is a smell. It's more like a faint tinge of fresh earth and cut grass. These predictions could often occur a couple of hours before the change.  

So perhaps this country lass having grown up and lived in the Shire, is more attune to the drop in the local pressure systems.

Either that, or as a friend pointed out they were just tuned in to the weather channel. But where is the romance in that? 

It seems my climate radar is out of whack with the country climate. 

Scientists have studied this anomaly for decades without a establishing a clear concise reason for the changes that occur in our bodies. 

Their hypothesis on the drop in the barometer just doesn't add up to the bodies predictions on the change in weather patterns.