CHS partners with Schools Plus to fund Wellbeing project

Crookwell High School (CHS) is in a partnership with Schools Plus to raise funding of $30,000 to build its resilience in mental health program.

The Wellbeing project aims to provide a positive education program that will benefit the whole community. 

It is focused on study skills and mindfulness and teaching the students to use their resilience skills when times get tough, said Wellbeing team leader Stephanie Needham.

For a regional school to receive this funding, its huge said Ms Needham.

The funding will provide access to resources, membership to programs, technology, and teacher training. 

Schools Plus will spend the next three to six months and approach businesses, trusts and foundations, and individuals.

“We find a good match for the school to bring alive their Wellbeing project,” said chief executive officer Rosemary Con.

“We act a bit like a matchmaker between people and organisations wanting to support education and schools across the country.

“For every year we have done this we have provided funding for 100% of the projects in some way shape or form,” she said. 

CHS has been proactive in teaching the students to focus on their strengths and use them as a resilience tool. Students sometimes find it difficult to reach out, said Ms Needham.

Schools Plus was established four years ago to make it easier to provide a tax deductible donation to schools, and has provided funding to about 330 schools, said Ms Con.

“We work a lot with rural and remote schools because they don’t always have access to the same opportunities.”

CHS was invited to put forward a concept project to an independent panel of education experts, who decided the project would make a significant change to the community.

Teaching kids resilience: Stephanie Needham team leader of the Wellbeing project at CHS.

Teaching kids resilience: Stephanie Needham team leader of the Wellbeing project at CHS.