Kevin 'Bloody' Wilson performs at the RSL on November 17

Kevin 'Bloody' Wilson may have been touring and performing for the past 35 years, but he still reckons he gets a kick out of making people laugh.

"I'm a lucky man to pursue my hobbies for a living," he said.

You beaut: Kevin 'Bloody' Wilson to hit the bright lights at Crookwell RSL. Photo supplied.

You beaut: Kevin 'Bloody' Wilson to hit the bright lights at Crookwell RSL. Photo supplied.

Wilson is touring his Almost Awesome show to help prevent 'global boring'.

The performance is at the Crookwell RSL on Saturday November 17 at 8pm.

The audience can expect his usual charisma, “DILLIGAF” attitude, and politically incorrect humour, in an unscripted performance delivered with his usual upbeat larrikin style that many would remember well from the ‘80s and ‘90s.

“I love touring. It is a constant evolvement [sic] of what you do,” said Wilson.

“It's not scripted, it's not rehearsed. Although some songs I sing every night, I still get my jollies off singing them.”

After 35 years and 19 albums in show business, Wilson has seen what he describes as a politically correct or PC movement evolve and, in his opinion, it is smothering free thinking.

“It is smothering free speech and free thinking. They don't want you to think for yourself,” he said.

“Comedians' these days are so sanitised, it is sickening. It is so sanitised, they smell of Dettol.

“I don't give a f--- about [offending], I balance PC with common sense.

“The antidote for PC is common sense!”

‘Nigel’ and ‘Alan’ and other characters in Wilson’s bag of tricks may feature in the show. He has more than three decades of material to use.

He maintains that the crowds at his shows have a “sick sense of humour” and are there just for a good time.

“The crowds I was playing for in the early days are now grandparents bringing their grandkids,” Wilson said.

“We found ourselves with a brand new crowd of people to find out what it was like before PC crushed their lives.”

Wilson, now aged 71 years old, says audiences can expect anything to happen.

“There will be lots of full frontal nudity from me,” he joked.

He said his tour almost coincided with the a visit to Dubbo by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, missing them by two weeks.

“If you're going to go to the cultural capital of Australia, you need to go to Dubbo,” Wilson said. “The first thing they did when they stepped off the plane was the announcement of the pregnancy... the word mile high club springs to mind.”

Wilson hinted he would attend the annual Clawfield Cup at Laggan Hotel held on the same day as his show.

Sounds about right, he said: a bloke with a Scottish surname like Campbell would organise a yabby race.

And for the bride he knew when she “used to be a moll”, … “tell her old bucket ball said g'day!”

  • 2018 Almost Famous Tour with special guest Jenny Talia, Crookwell RSL on November 17 at 8pm. Tickets available at RSL in person or phone 4832 1265. $55, strictly 18+