Local Leaders | Nutrition: The basics: eat well, move more

Whether your goal is to lose weight, manage a health condition or generally just feel your best, it’s important to cultivate a few healthy practices that you consistently carry out each and every day.  The key word being ‘consistency’ – as it’s what you do every day (and not those occasional indulgent moments) that will see you reach your health goals.

Perhaps more importantly still, is to find enjoyment in the nutrition and lifestyle steps you take.  After all, no one will stick it out for the long haul if good intentions feel like a drag and there is no joy to be found.

Jenelle Croatto

Jenelle Croatto


This is a big one! A plan to eat well will never translate into action if the fridge and pantry are devoid of nourishing food. Each week, give thought to what your meals will be, go shopping and do some basic food prep. Something as simple as cooking up some brown rice to toss into a colourful salad with a tin of tuna is an easy way to step into a new week with a game plan.


Unless you lead a highly active life, chances are your day-to-day movement just isn’t going to cut it when it comes to moving enough. If much of your day is spent sitting down, look at ways you can help offset this. Try going for an extra long walk of a weekend, take 10 minutes at lunch to walk around the block, take a gym class or perhaps spend 15-20 minutes of an evening doing some home-based floor exercises like squats or pushups.