Stricter penalties to halt drink drivers

High-risk drink drivers will lose their licence immediately under new laws as introduced on Monday, December 3.

Police now have the power to perform roadside vehicle sanctions for repeat, high-risk drink drivers.

Zero tolerance.

Zero tolerance.

Sanctions can includes immediate number plate removal or vehicle confiscation for three months.

Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight Melinda Pavey said drivers had had almost 38 years to get used to the 0.05 limit on NSW roads. It’s simple – if you drink, have a Plan B.

“We all know drink driving is unacceptable and now the penalty is swift.

Fifty-five people lost their lives in alcohol related crashes last year and [there were] around 6000 mid-range first offences,” Mrs Pavey said.

For mid-range drink drivers, their licence would be suspended for at least three months and an alcohol interlock would be installed in their vehicle for 12 months.

The alcohol interlock program already applies to high-range and repeat offenders.

Centre for Road Safety executive director Bernard Carlon said vehicle sanctions enabled police to remove high risk drivers from the road on the spot, “and send a clear message that there is no excuse”.