St Mary's Sport Captains shine at Swimming Carnival

Last Wednesday, February 6, the children of St Mary’s Primary School gathered at the Crookwell Swimming Pool for their annual swimming carnival. 

Winning captains: Paige Croker and Bradley Nagle of the Aloysius house are thrilled with their victory. Photo: Supplied.

Winning captains: Paige Croker and Bradley Nagle of the Aloysius house are thrilled with their victory. Photo: Supplied.

It was a warm day with some clouds overhead – perfect for getting in the pool and keeping cool, and that’s exactly what the kids did. 

In a statement to the Gazette, St Mary’s four Sports Captains, Billie Skelly, Paige Croker, Bradley Nagle, and Taj Cooper, said that they were “so impressed with all of the swimmers, they did their best and really encouraged everyone.” 

It proved to be a busy day for the captains, who were involved in organising and running many of the events, but they all did a wonderful job and managed to have fun while they were at it, even though it meant that they had to be at the pool and working hard first thing in the morning. 

“It was an early start to our morning, cooking treats and decorating our House areas, we really enjoyed it,” the captains said. 

“We loved watching and helping with the Year 1 and Kindergarten Novelty events.”

The Kindergarteners and Year 1 students competed in novelty events because the swimming carnival was only open to Year 2 through to Year 6. 

Points were accumulated for each school house based on the number of their swimmers who took part in events and where they ranked, meaning that participation is often equally as important as winning places in the races themselves. 

After all was said and done, it was the Aloysius house who emerged victorious following what the captains described as a “very close point score”. 

The carnival was a wonderful effort of collaboration between parents, teachers, and the students in leadership roles, and the captains went out of their way to thank everyone involved in running the day. 

“We would like to thank our amazing teachers for working hard to make the day so fun, and [say] thank you to our parent and family helpers,” the captains said. 

The results from each of the year groups on the day are as follows:

  • 12 year Girls – Isabelle Galland
  • 12 year Boys – Lachie Nagle
  • 11 year Girls – Marnie McCormack
  • 11 year Boys – Dylan Greenwood and William Heffernan
  • 10 year Girls – Hayley Francis
  • 10 year Boys – George Skelly
  • 9 year Girls – Sophia Galland and Naomi Picker
  • 9 year Boys – Finn McCormack
  • 8 year Girls – Chloe Bensley
  • 8 year Boy – Addin Grove