Letters to the editor

A fair go for democracy

Unjust tactical campaigning has come to Crookwell. The Crookwell Showground trust (AP&H Society) has granted permission to the Liberal Party to display 16 campaign signs on our showground fence.

At the time of writing, neither Labor nor One Nation had received permission from the Society to use the fence. (Note: The Crookwell Gazette contacted both Labor candidate for Goulburn Dr Ursula Stephens and One Nation's Richard Orchard. Each confirmed they had enquired to the AP&H Society.)

Election to the showground committee does not give a member the right to exercise political prejudice in committee decisions. We are a fair and respecting community. This behaviour is unacceptable!

It is also foolish when it discriminates against the candidate who offered the largest grant for our hospital renovations.

Surely a sign, or three, for each applying candidate would be enough to help everyone know who the candidates are, without fear or favour. 

Australia has had a gutful of 'whatever it takes' political tactics. Our rejection of them at the local level is important. A fair go for democracy.

Malcolm Green, Crookwell

Rural health is critical

It was pleasing to read about the funding allocation to upgrade Crookwell District Hospital.

Persuading the politicians of the importance of this funding was largely due to the energy and commitment of local citizens. The attendance at the community meeting on February 20 was wonderful.

The community meeting to support the Crookwell District Hospital on February 20.

The community meeting to support the Crookwell District Hospital on February 20.

As an anaesthetist involved in retrieval medicine, I know from first hand experience how critical the rural hospital emergency departments are.

This initial care often means the difference between life and death.

Furthermore, the presence in Crookwell of a functioning hospital, has a flow on effect throughout the community. Especially for frail elderly people, they fare much better when care can be provided locally, close to family.

Congratulations to all involved with securing this much needed funding. The upgrades will enable Crookwell's committed doctors and nurses to give even better care.

Dr David Fahey, FANZCA

Fight for balance

World Wildlife Day (WWD) was celebrated on March 3.  This is a day to celebrate the many animals around the world and their role in balancing our ecosystem and keeping our planet healthy.

They play a vital role in cycling nutrients, fertilising soil, pollinating plants, and keeping our ecosystems in balance. These ecosystems in turn provide rainfall, maintain our climates, store carbon, give us clean air and water and help protect from floods and drought. Everything is connected.

This year, the WWD focus is on marine species with the theme: ”Life Below Water: For People and Planet”.  Oceans help regulate our climate, produce half the oxygen we breathe and absorb about 90 per cent of the worlds heat. Australian icon, the Great Barrier Reef is feeling the heat at this very moment. Combine the role of oceans with that of our forests, also pumping out oxygen and storing carbon, and it's easy to see the importance of maintaining the ecological balance.

On WWD we need our governments to listen and realise our oceans, reefs, forests, bushland, and all their dependant plants and animals, are not a limitless resource to be plundered and polluted, but precious resources to be protected. We undervalue them at our own risk and that of future generations.

Mark Selmes, Mt Rae Forest