Local Leaders - National Farmers Federation: Trespass is criminal and a biosecurity risk

Farmers and the local community were appalled by the actions of extreme animal activists last month, whose criminal activities were rightly condemned by people from all walks of life, including vegans. Individuals involved in illegal trespass on farms are simply criminals. They have no consideration for the stress it places on hard-working farming families producing local food and fibre.

Margaret Cameron

Margaret Cameron

People are entitled to their own views on food choice, but illegally entering property and businesses such as the Goulburn abattoir is completely unacceptable. Farmers have nothing to hide and many of our members welcome schools, community groups and visitors on their farms to learn about agriculture, but this welcome does not extend to illegal invaders whose sole intent is to cause havoc.

We are encouraged by the strong condemnation of these activists by both the state and federal governments. NSW Farmers is urging our politicians to ensure legislation related to all farm trespass is strengthened.

Biosecurity is compromised when unauthorised persons and vehicles enter farm premises. The ensuing financial and emotional costs can be astronomical and have long-term consequences.

The police are also to be commended for working with the NSW Farmers and the farming community and providing sensible advice and what to do if farmers encounter illegal trespassers.

  • For more information see nswfarmers.org.au or call regional services manager Dave Banham, 0428 411 221