Local Leaders | Headspace: Mental health issues in young people are on the increase

Mental health is the number one issue of concern for young people in Australia today and our latest research shows that one third of young Australians (32 percent) report high to very high levels of psychological distress, which is more than triple the rate in 2007 (9 percent).

Mental illness risk increases as adolescents age, becoming most prevalent in the older teen years, and the risk is even greater in young women and priority groups such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and LGBTIQA+ young people.

Rates of psychological distress are highest among younger females (38 percent compared to 26 percent of young men), and 18-21 year olds are reporting the highest levels (38 percent compared to 20 percent of 12-14 year olds).

Increasing numbers of young people are accessing mental health services in Australia. A significant portion of young people are turning to headspace for help through headspace centres or online and phone counselling support service, eheadspace.

The Goulburn headspace office has recently celebrated two years of service to the greater community. The community lobbied hard and long to bring a headspace service to the region to help support their young people with mental health and related issues.

headspace Goulburn is a free youth health service for young people aged 12-25 years. Young people have access to a variety of experienced and friendly staff, like psychologists, counsellors and youth workers. We also offer support to families and friends of young people.

Gail Davies

Gail Davies

If you are concerned about yourself or another young person there is help available for both you and them.