Hydro Majestic enchants Crookwell club

It is the grandest of the grand hotels in the mountains, according to the Office of Environment and Heritage, and lavish entertainers including Nellie Melba and Dame Clara Butt once graced the Hydro Majestic Hotel.

Probus Club at Govett's Leap. Photo supplied

Probus Club at Govett's Leap. Photo supplied

The pioneering spa resort was toured by 29 members of the Probus Club on Wednesday, May 15. The hotel, which sits atop of an escarpment that spans over a kilometre, has views over the Megalong Valley in the Blue Mountains. "This iconic hotel has a rather chequered history," Vicky Jeffrey said.

It was built by retail magnate Mark Foy and opened in 1904. During World War, it was a hospital for US soldiers. "[It] has been beautifully renovated and refurbished, in varying decors, including the Oriental theme of the billiard room, a lovely art deco reception. All with comfortable plush seating, plenty of viewing areas, and luxury personified.

"We were treated to a very informative grand tour of the building, with a very witty and knowledgeable guide, who has been at the Hydro, in his words "forever", his enthusiasm was obvious." The views from Cat's Alley and the dining room were wonderful, she said. The party also explored Govett's Leap (pictured), which they agreed was spectacular.