South east wild dog plans

Thirteen wild dog management groups in the south east are reviewing their wild dog controls.

Wild dog coordinator Tim Shepherd said, "we're working together to improve our approach; provide support for any on-ground activity; and access to land to do reactive work."

Wild dog controls under review in south east.

Wild dog controls under review in south east.

The south east encompasses Braidwood, Yass, Goulburn, and the Upper Lachlan Shire. The review will focus on the production and environment factors unique to each of these areas.

This year, 1895 wild dogs have been sighted across Australia ( and there have been 316 reports of damage to livestock or property recorded on the mapping website.

Peter Davies, from Taralga, is part of the Feral Fighters initiative that targets pest animals through coordinated baiting control programs.

He hopes the review will encourage more people to take part in the program.

"To manage the impacts of wild dogs and foxes... you need to get as many of your neighbours involved as possible, public and private owners alike," Mr Davies said.

"Dogs and foxes don't care about fences or who owns what, that's why we need to take collective ownership.

"Hopefully we can have a clearer commitment from some of our neighbours out of this process."

South East Local Land Services (LLS) biosecurity team is coordinating group baiting to manage the impacts of wild dogs.

As well as the coordinated programs LLS has contract pest animal controllers to respond to suspected wild dog incidents.

"We encourage any land manager who observes any sightings, sounds or suspicions of wild dog activity to get in touch with the biosecurity team at LLS so we can come out and investigate," senior biosecurity officer Matthew McNaughton said.

"We also encourage owners of domestic dogs, especially those in peri-urban areas, to keep their dogs restrained so they don't harass livestock, or take a bait that has been laid."

To report any sightings, sounds or suspicions of wild dog activity, or to find a Feral Fighter community group contact the biosecurity team in Goulburn on 4824 1900.