Single vehicle accident Boorowa Road, investigations continue

A vehicle "totally gutted by fire" as a result of a road accident has been discovered in a paddock off Boorowa Road, Narrawa, 40 kilometres from Crookwell.

A NSW Police spokesperson said it appeared the driver had lost control of the vehicle and crashed, striking a tree.

The accident scene was reported to emergency services on Sunday June 9, about 3pm.

NSW Police attended the crash site, which appeared to have involved a single vehicle, their spokesperson said.

The driver had apparently lost control of the vehicle before it left the roadway, ploughed across a paddock and hit the tree. The vehicle was then incinerated.

Investigations are continuing into the identity of the driver of the vehicle.

The NSW Police spokesperson said the crash site could not be seen from the road and so the vehicle could have been there for some time.