Grabine Freshwater Fishing Tournament a success

The water level may have been down, but the Grabine Freshwater Fishing Tournament held at the Grabine Lakeside Holiday Park from August 23-25 was a major success.

"The water level always haunts a few people, but there was 25 per cent of water in the dam which is still alright," treasurer of the fishing tournament Mandi Smith said.

"It was a great weekend nonetheless."

There were 998 entries during the weekend and Smith said that was partly due to the "beautiful and textbook" weather.

"The weather was unbelievable," Smith said.

"The weather plays a massive part [on the turnout].

"You do have your die hard fisherman that comes rain, hail or shine, but there are others that won't come unless the weather's decent."

While the tournament can be competitive, some see it as a social occasion.

"A lot of people use it as a chance to get together.

"They don't see each other for 12 months until the next tournament."

The biggest fish was a 104cm carp caught by Dane Rowsell while Mitch Dennis won the major boat prize.

A full list of results can be seen on the Grabine Freshwater Fishing Tournament Facebook Page.

The tournament will be running for its 20th time next year.

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