Local Leaders | NSW Farmers: NSW Farmers annual conference held at Luna Park

It was an exciting week when the NSW Farmers held their annual conference in Sydney - at Luna Park, no less. I was one of this region's representatives and one of almost 300 farmers who met to discuss important policy issues and hear from political and industry leaders.

The conference is a critical part of NSW Farmers' policy formulation, being the ultimate decision-making mechanism. Water was the big issue, mostly around the Murray Darling Basin Plan, but everything from native vegetation to drought, rural crime, animal activists, biosecurity and glyphosate use were discussed.

Nerida Cullen

Nerida Cullen

We championed a number of issues on behalf of this region, including having listed weeds included on sale contracts, simplification of insurance for landcare groups, support for the new Australian Agricultural Centre at Crookwell, and declaring deer a pest animal.

The conference also supported mandating the use of local anaesthetics/analgesics during mulesing through industry mechanisms.

Of particular interest to our region, and many others with the increase in "lifestyle" blocks, was a change to the organisation's constitution to create a new membership category for those with interests in a small farm. This category is cheaper and does not come with voting rights but enables them to become part of the NSW Farmers network.

If you are interested in joining NSW Farmers you can go to www.nswfarmers.org.au. An organisation is only as strong as the membership and more members means more clout in the halls of power.