Commander's Desk | Don't be a driver fatigue statistic

I would like to talk to you about road safety, and in particular driver fatigue.

There have been a number of studies that have shown being tired at the wheel can have the same effect as being under the influence of alcohol whilst driving.

We regularly get calls about cars and trucks on our highways wandering from lane to lane or not driving properly.

A lot of drivers when stopped admitted driving long distances without stopping and taking a break, placing themselves and other road uses at great danger.

Analysis of some of our collisions recently has been directly related to people falling asleep at the wheel and running off the road.

While on most occasions these drivers have avoided serious injury, many haven't.

So we are asking for common sense driving when travelling on our country roads and highways.

Follow some of these easy guidelines:

  • slow down, give yourself time to get to your destination
  • don't drive if you've been drinking
  • on long drives, take rest breaks and pull off the road if you feel tired
  • in bad weather, slow down and be alert
  • ensure your vehicle is in good mechanical condition for the road.
  • and most importantly, during national holiday periods, stop, revive and survive at driver reviver stops where local community volunteers will provide free refreshments and a place to take a break from your journey.

There is now an interactive map that helps you locate the nearest rest area or Driver Reviver location during holiday periods, or to find a rest area with specific amenities on your route.

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