'Australia's Renovation Queen' Cherie Barber shares tips to renovate house

Cherie Barber shared tips on how to renovate a property. Photo: Neha Attre.

Cherie Barber shared tips on how to renovate a property. Photo: Neha Attre.

Looking to renovate your home but don't know where to start?

Follow the tips and tricks that were shared by 'Australia's Renovation Queen' Cherie Barber at Goulburn Mulwaree Library earlier this week.

Ms Barber is widely recognised as an Australian expert on renovating for profit and flipping houses.

She has appeared on television programs such as the currently airing Space Invaders, as well as starring in eight seasons of The Living Room, and 5 Day Flip internationally, as well as in print in thousands of press articles and her book, Renovating for Profit.

The renovation expert revealed how small cosmetic changes can make a big difference to the look of the house.

"Paint is liquid gold for renovators. It transforms a property and makes it look fresh. Stones, classic whites, and beiges are some of the colours that appeal to the majority of people," she said.

She feels that changing the flooring of the house can also help add value to the property. "Removing the carpet makes the room look a lot bigger in size. If possible, install timber floorboards and add warmth to the room with big rugs and carpets," she added.

"Other changes inside the property like installing new window furnishings, improving the lighting and updating fixtures and fittings also end up making a big difference."

The renovation queen talked about the external changes that can be made to the property.

"Cement rendering of your house and painting the fence is equally important. Painting the exterior of the house is just as important as painting the interiors are. Also, adding a carport adds incredible value to the property," she said.

Ms Barber highlighted the importance of having proper landscaping as it adds to the look of the house. "Cut the grass, remove the weeds and trees that block the view of the facade," she said.

Ms Barber has personally renovated more than 120 properties and been involved in property deals in excess of $50 million. She has also taken almost 20,000 people through her renovating for profit courses, including cosmetic renovations, home renovations, and more commercial small development and Airbnb courses.

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