Students assisted with MultiLit gift from CWA

Wendy Lyons receiving the CWA Cheque from Judy Offley, Treasurer, Crookwell CWA Day Branch
Wendy Lyons receiving the CWA Cheque from Judy Offley, Treasurer, Crookwell CWA Day Branch

CROOKWELL Public School has introduced MultiLit inYear 2-Year 6 in line with the NSW Department of Education and Communities drive to improve literacy.

MultiLit is a research based initiative by Emeritus Professor Kevin Wheldall AM and Dr Robyn Wheldall of Macquarie University.  The program is designed to combine a number of methods using word sounds, blends, diagraphs and rules together with memorizing words to build a word repository from which students can read confidently, allowing them to gain knowledge and skills.  NSW Department of Education and Communities has acknowledged its benefits and has approved its use across all NSW schools.

Crookwell Public School’s Learning Assistance Support Teacher and Librarian, Wendy Lyons, has been responsible for the delivery of MultiLit over the past 18 months.  The benefits from this program include improved reading, greater self confidence with eager participation and learning that translate into practical outcomes that benefit the students throughout their lives.

Mrs Lyons recently sought volunteers from the community to enable greater student support and at a recent training day, eight residents from Crookwell attended as part of an initial training course. Additional support and briefing is given to the volunteers prior to engaging with students.

Mrs Lyons stated, “It has been said, it takes a community to raise a child and we would like to have 20 volunteers eventually, to enable all students who wish to participate, to have that opportunity.  A larger group of volunteers will ensure that they can contribute without over commitment, as we fully understand time is limited for most of us.”

Mrs Lyons added, “This program has been personally rewarding as it enables good connections with the students who are able to pursue and achieve small challenges that result in happy and progressive development.”

Crookwell Public School had to fund the MultiLit program and trained three teaching staff and purchased one MultiLit kit that was adequate to meet the requirements to date. Now that more students are eager to join the program, it is inadequate to service all their needs.  

Crookwell CWA Day Branch has volunteers helping with the program and offered to donate funds to purchase one MultiLit kit that will provide the basic tools required to work with the students and offer more flexibility to support the delivery of the program. 

Crookwell Public School Principal, Greg Atfield commented, ‘The generosity, compassion and thoughtfulness of our local CWA Day Branch is greatly appreciated.”

Crookwell CWA Day Branch Treasurer, Judy Offley, explained, “We are delighted to support this initiative as it is at the core of CWA to help women and children”

Mrs Offley added, “We are really impressed with the delivery of MultiLit and what better gift can we offer than the ability to confidently read, as it opens up a world of knowledge, skills and opportunity for our future generation.”

Crookwell Public School would welcome more volunteers or assistance in purchasing additional MultiLit kits to support this program


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