Letter to the Editor: Know the facts


Know the facts

People are entitled to be well-informed before they make a vote, so they know exactly what they are voting for, and that everyone who is entitled to vote is allowed to do so.

I visited Father Peter Murphy often in hospital before his passing. I was asked ‘Please make sure the windows go in’, so I speak today in the hope his wishes are carried out.

Fr Murphy had nurtured our church funds closely. He had already paid the $150,000 for the windows, which means the church had funds available, so could well afford them.

Fr Murphy stated at the time it would cost $40,000 for local stonemason Brian Doyle to install the windows and still have enough left over to paint the inside of the church.

There are members of our parish willing to raise the money for installation again, even though Father had already provisioned this money previously.

Fr Murphy was of sound mind when he made the purchase of these beautiful windows. They depict the Good Shepherd and complete the story of our church windows.

The original St Mary’s was destroyed by fire and the altar’s stained glass windows were destroyed, but every Catholic church I know has stained glass windows behind the altar.

These windows were made in Germany and are far more valuable than the $150,000. They were purposefully made to be installed in a Catholic church. They have been blessed and consecrated; therefore they are holy and belong in a place of worship.

The right decision was made by the Archbishop and also a board of senior priests, of which Fr McDermott was a member, who gave permission to purchase the windows.

It is not about the money, it is not about material things. It’s about honour: honouring the wishes of a past parish priest of 30 years. The windows should be installed in St Mary’s Church as a memorial to Fr Murphy, a good and faithful servant to God and teacher of Catholic faith to parishioners and local schools, for his dedicated service to the parish.

Fr Murphy told me he had been so blessed to be the parish priest of Crookwell, and to be surrounded by such beautiful people, for 30 years. I hope, Fr Murphy, that you RIP.

- Iris Knight, parishioner


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