Self confessed – I am an op shopper!

The lure of finding a well priced ‘something’ is what  tempts me into an op shop. Next week is national op shop week and I want to draw attention to these great shops. 

Look past the clothes and shoes, and skirt around the edges. Here you’re more likely to find the wonderfully edgy and the old fashioned. 

There is so much to love in secondhand land.  There are 650 Vinnies shops throughout Australia, plus thousands of smaller operators.

Do a road trip, but don’t just hit the antique shops on the main road, delve deeper into the towns and suburbs. 

Finding something that someone has made or cherished, or both, is such a rewarding, guilt-free way to shop. You may even find some beautiful things you may not have considered sourcing from op shops.

Everybody knows that antique shops are fabulous places to find interesting pieces for interiors, but often the opportunity shop, or charity shop, just around the corner also holds true gems. And, your money goes to the community. Go on, take a look inside the op shop.