LETTER: NBN satellite a bridge too far for Gunning

I have been following the discussion on NBN with a large amount of disappointment. Once again our small village gets the worst of both worlds despite there being large numbers options.

I currently have an unlimited ADSL2+ plan through DODO (as a Telstra re-seller). It costs me less than $100 per month and being an an IT consultant, it allows me to do anything I want regardless of how many computers I have and what sort of content I stream.

It isn't fast but I don't have to schedule night time off peak tasks or do any speak bandwidth management.

Being within one kilometre of the exchange, any speed issues will largely be attributable to the access being provided by Telstra to DODO.

I have noticed quite a slow down of late which is a little perplexing. I rang DODO and was told my service might be getting throttled. DODO have always been a great provider and offer value for money, so I didn't ask further and have put up with the slowdown.

What is perhaps more concerning is that if I shout off this service, I will be given an NBN satellite plan. Having experienced this already, the cost and performance is in no way comparable and I will have to consider other options.

You might say that I am making a lot of nothing and that I should just accept all this because a lot of rural users are gaining better access through the NBN Satellite, and that is definitely true.

But I live in a village which was the head of a Shire not long ago. I am only 70km from Canberra and a lot of the village inhabitants currently commute to work in the ACT.

If I can see this from the limited visibility I have of the infrastructure, what might be achievable if I had full awareness of what in the way of wireless infrastructure there is from all the providers and, dare I say it, there might be a brilliant wireless terrestrial solution just needing me to connect.

As a village trying to grow, it is heart breaking to have these bureaucratic hand cuffs being placed on us.

We are supposed to be the "clever" country but sometimes I think I have forgotten to look up an alternate meaning in the dictionary for that word that has some other meaning entirely.


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