LETTERS: sent home twice, rail trail good thing, gun amnesty closing

Rail trail offers big benefits

The economic advantages to the district from a rail trail are exponential. I myself am interested in purchasing a property along the trail to set up a world class mountain biking event destination.

Let’s not allow excessive conservatism distract us from the advantages; economically - home and rural land prices should increase, small business and youth employment will boom, residents will be able to chose a time to go for a good walk or cycle in the bush without danger from motor vehicles. 

The arguments against, on a bio-security basis seem amorphous, given rural industry has survived the previous rail and current road transport threats quite well.  

Matt Ford, Crookwell

Sent home twice 

We were recently sent home to Bigga from the Canberra hospital at Woden on two separate occasions following the cancellation of a scheduled operation to replace the aortic valve in the patient’s heart.

Fifteen minutes before entering the operating theatre, we were informed that the procedure had been cancelled, the reason given, “there were no vacant beds in the IC unit”.

Whilst the staff treated the news as ‘par for the course’ for the family it has been devastating.

We are an 80-year-old couple who were born - educated in Australia, raised a family, worked hard and paid taxes, helping to make this a great country.

A question for the health department and politicians:

“Why have they let our health and medical system sink to such a deplorable state?”

Ian and Marlene Chudleigh, Bigga

Amnesty closing

Close to 600 firearms have been collected across the Hume LAC as the national firearms amnesty draws to an end. 

The amnesty, announced late last year, allows residents to hand in unregistered guns to the police without fear of prosecution.   

I appeal to anyone who has not yet taken up this opportunity to please do so.

Being a largely rural area, there would be many houses, sheds, cupboards etc that would have old firearms or parts stored.

Hume LAC Acting Commander Chad Gillies


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