Editorial: Whether yes or no, it’s personal

Same-sex marriage

When we go home at the day’s end, we can close the door and try to forget our troubles.

But what if your troubles were plastered all over the media and online social sites?

That’s what same-sex couples have faced up to these past few weeks, as their personal lives and relationship status have been discussed and debated in the public domain.

There’s no shutting out the opinions, whether positive or negative. They only have to turn on their television or computer to see and hear judgement inside their homes.

Whether it’s the silly – that boys will wear dresses to school if people vote yes – or the serious – is marriage actually a human right? – there are plenty of examples.

The whole issue has been so vexed, it’s hard to hear the voices among the noise.

Some people worried about their privacy after receiving a ‘yes vote’ text; and the devoutly religious have expressed concern about how the vote could affect their lives.

Whether in the yes camp, or the no, it’s important to consider the feelings of others.

It’s important that we live side by side as a community, and respect our differences.

A lack of tolerance – on both sides – is leading to mental health stress, bullying and people feeling unsafe and unwelcome in their communities.

We all want to be able to go home and sleep at night knowing we can live with our decisions and actions.

That’s something we can all say yes to.