Be fire ready with a few easy tips

Make sure leaf litter is cleaned from your gutters. Be safe though with ladders and heights.
Make sure leaf litter is cleaned from your gutters. Be safe though with ladders and heights.

After a mild start to November the NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) is urging residents in the Southern Tablelands area to prepare now before conditions heat up again.

NSW RFS Superintendent Peter Alley said now was the ideal opportunity to complete a few simple tasks so that homes and properties are ready for fires, before the return of hot and windy weather.

“Firefighters and emergency agencies will of course continue to do everything possible to keep communities safe, however preparation is a shared responsibility and residents must do their bit,” Superintendent Alley said.

“Getting ready for a bush fire is easier than you think.

“Start by simply having a conversation with your family about what you would do if a fire was to start nearby.

“Make, or update your bush fire survival plan and share it with everyone in your household, and maybe even neighbours.

“Just a little bit of time and effort now will give your property a fighting chance next time there is a fire in the area.”

The top five things you can do to prepare your home and property for bush fires:

  • Trim and remove overhanging branches 
  • Mow your grass and have a cleared area around your home
  • Remove any materials that could potentially ignite and burn
  • Clear and remove leaves and debris from your gutters and around your home
  • Make sure you have a robust hose that can reach the whole way around your home

Superintendent Alley said that basic preparation now could prevent a lot of heartache and financial loss.

“These fires don’t discriminate. Embers can travel significant distances, crossing several properties and streets. We’ve seen burning embers travel up to 30 kilometres in the worst conditions; it’s terrifying,” Superintendent Alley said.

“Don’t give fire an opportunity to take hold, with temperatures predicted to rise as we head in to summer, now is the time to act.”

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