Commander's Desk | Community can help put crime puzzle together

I spent some time today at the Police Academy and sat in on a lecture.

One of our presenters spoke about a story that involved the community providing information that assisted in solving a particularly nasty crime.

When I look at many of the significant investigations that I have been a part of in my career, there are several examples of police and the community working together to get the job done.

Quite often it has been those subtle hints of criminal activity, which have been picked up on by astute residents, that have resulted in the arrest of offenders who put drugs on our streets and cause misery for families. 

Supt Chris Schilt.

Supt Chris Schilt.

I have generally worked in the police area that I have lived in and have always found that there is a sense of ownership and pride amongst the locals.

Like many of you, I am outraged when I hear about a significant offence that has happened in our area and often think that shouldn’t happen here!

I have said before that the police are only ever as good as the community that supports them and I do think that we are very lucky in the Hume Police District.

We definitely have a strong partnership with the community, and rely on them to work with us to fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle to solve crimes and keep people safe. 

I’m hoping that we can continue with the good work that is being done and encourage people to come up and say hello to your local police. Remember, in addition to visiting or calling us at the local station, you can always contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 to report crime information and make it a safer community with your help.

  • Superintendent Chris Schilt, Hume Police