Operation Christmas Child calls for Crookwell's support

Duncombe & Co's Rebecca Boothman and Robyn Duncombe with Sue Reedy (centre). Photo Ainsleigh Sheridan
Duncombe & Co's Rebecca Boothman and Robyn Duncombe with Sue Reedy (centre). Photo Ainsleigh Sheridan

This year, the spirit of Christmas will reach some children not by Santa and a chimney, but by canoe. For the ninth year, Samaritan’s Purse is calling on Crookwell to again support ‘Operation Christmas Child’.

Samaritan’s Purse gives out shoeboxes that donors can fill with gifts for children, or donate money for suitable gifts, says organiser Sue Reedy. “Last year, Crookwell sent 467 boxes,” Mrs Reedy said.

The gifts are given to children living in impoverished countries, such as Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Vietnam, Samoa, Thailand and Cambodia. Some live so remotely, the only access is by canoe.

The children are aged from two to 14 years, and Mrs Reedy said the suggested gifts could include “something to wear, something to love, something for school, something for hygiene, something to play with”.

“The children appreciate anything in the boxes because they only get one in a lifetime,” Mrs Reedy said. “Often they can’t believe they get a whole shoebox!”

The boxes are this year available from Duncombe & Co on Goulburn Street, plus $10 postage and handling. The collection date cut-off is October 19, when they are sent to a processing centre for checking.

Mrs Reedy praised how many organisations, businesses, schools, churches and individuals in Crookwell supported the effort every year, and hoped the drought would not hinder this year’s collection.

Duncombe & Co office manager Rebecca Boothman also hoped Crookwell would step up in strong support. “We’re having a hard time for one year, whereas these kids are having a hard time every year,” she said. “We’ve still got everything.”

Samaritan’s Purse also helps with disaster relief and other international aid projects.